Les Fumerons

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Les Fumerons

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Les Fumerons - Ristorante - Bistrot - Bar - LEUGLAY

By the river Ource, in front of THE HOUSE OFTHE FOREST(MAISON DE LA FORET) and its arboretum, near Chatillon sur Seine, n the village of Leuglay, or organizing de future NATIONAL PARK, the bar and restaurant LES FUMERONS,relay appreciated by the motorcyclists and the tourists, recommended by thePETIT FUTE, proposes a home cooking, HOME-MADE 100 %. You could sip a real Burgundian Kir or arosé-grapefruit outside(terrace) house.

The winter, to take a meal in the corner ofthe fireplace.

Some evenings the beer pours in stream infront of a match broadcasted in a close atmosphere English pubs.

Every Wednesday noon, Marie Pierre concoctsyou a symbolic dish of the French food.The 2eme on Friday of every month, shewelcomes you for his very renowned THEME EVENING to 13€ / person.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

07:00 - 20:00


08:30 - 20:00


10:00 - 13:30


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1 rue valverset